June 2020 Solicitation

“It is not enough to give the poor food and clothing. They need education that gives them the skills to build a dignified existence for themselves." Father  Al

22 June 2020

Dear Benefactors,


It’s been six months since we have entered this challenging year 2020. After the Taal Volcano threat, corona virus entered and the concerns continue until now. During this challenging period, the sisters and students at our boarding schools, Boystown and Girlstown are united in keeping the school and home activities normal as possible in spite of the absence of the teachers and minimum presence of employees.

With the assistance of our benefactors, graduates, and other supporters, we continue to pass this trying situation. We are really grateful to all of you.

As the ECQ has been lifted, some of our teachers are already staying in the school premises and are ready to face their classes after undergoing the prescribed 14-day quarantine period. For this month, Boystown and Girlstown Schools will continue with the promotion of the students to all levels, except for the seniors who are expected to have their commencement exercises by August of this year.

We are also looking forward to a simple birthday celebration of our children on August 15, a way of our thanksgiving for we have been given this opportunity of helping these little ones, our beneficiaries. This, too, is a reminder for them of the beauty of one’s life, to be grateful for this gift of life, and to live a meaningful life as to glorify God the Giver of life.

Being a part of this charity work, we are sharing these with you. Your continuing support is an assurance for their education and a way of preparing them for a bright future.

May the Lord reward you a hundredfold, protect you and your loved ones.

Sincerely yours,

Sr. Teresita A. Sumalabe, SM 

Officer in Charge