Alumni of the Sisters of Mary School Inc. File

ASMSI contributions /Cavite- ₱ 1,956,085.87

ASMSI contributions/Cebu- 1,433,031.00

Individual contributions-(click here to see the details.) 1,818,148.69

Contributions per chapter-(click here to see the details.) 1,199,462.69

Grand total: 6,406,728.25

Please update

To all Boystown and Girlstown graduates who made their contributions through direct deposits, gcash and paypal, and were not reflected in this semi annual report,
please inform us at of the following:

a.) Name;

b.)Family Saint (Please signify If you wish your contributions be reflected in your family saint/or as individual donor);

c.) Year graduated;

d.)Amount donated;

e.) Date of donation;

f.) Mode of donation:


Gcash ( reference code, or screenshot of your donations)

Direct deposit _______ Bank_________