BACK-TO-SCHOOL Solicitation

Dearest Friend,

Greetings of peace!

The Sisters of Mary Girlstowns and Boystowns in Silang Cavite and Cebu have begun the School Year 2018-2019! Yes, classes start early in our boarding schools. In fact, last month April 16 and 17 we accepted the new batch of Grade 7 girls and boys who qualified for this School Year – a total of approximately 2,719 children in our four campuses. This number is more than what we expected, which showed us too well the still growing need of many poor Filipino youths for our programs and support.

It is in this sense that we continue to provide our students with free food, clothing, shelter, healthcare services, and quality vocational-technical high school education – to help them escape a life of poverty, suffering, and misery.

For this we humbly appeal to you for financial support for this new School Year, to buy our children’s school materials. Won’t you share a blessing and extend us a helping hand to keep this work of love alive?  

Thank you for your precious time and we look forward to hear from you within the week or the next. God bless you!

And to all our friends and benefactors who have given and continue giving their valuable support, our most sincere and humble gratitude to you. May the Lord bless you more and keep you always in His loving protection and care!

Respectfully yours,
Sr. Winnie M. Valencia, SM